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Brian Ortiz

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"I opened B Square Real Estate in 2005 out of my personal home as a one man company. Today, B Square Real Estate is growing at a stellar rate in just a few years with offices in key markets throughout the U.S."

In 2007, I started our franchise company B Square International to create our first affiliated offices and, just as importantly, to support them. So far, our progress has been nothing short of remarkable. Join us and you will become part of one of the strongest, fastest-growing new franchise operations in the country. Our goal of gaining offices in all 50 states by 2012 is becoming more attainable every day.


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You stand at the threshold of an exciting possibility. As this website will make clear, B Square Real Estate is different from other real estate franchise operations. Our commitment is to strengthen our partner companies by sharing the powerful principles and proven systems that will attract and retain more of the high-quality agents your business needs to compete on that critical “next level” of performance and professionalism.

Unlike every other large real estate company, we operate on a simple principle discovered by B Square Real Estate agents themselves.   As our associates say: “People buy people before they buy a product or service.” To see to it that your Sales Associates provide the best personal service in the industry, we’ll do everything we can to minimize the hassle for them and maximize their return.

We believe that the ingredients that have made the B Square Real Estate organization successful over the past 4 years are even more relevant today: from the B Square Real Estate “For Sale” signs to the best-trained agents in the business to a full range of consumer services. Not only have we identified the key activities and steps needed to be productive, we make sure they are being done … every day… with every customer.

If yours is a growth-oriented company that maintains the highest standards of professionalism, you’ll never have a better opportunity. We’re very interested in exploring a partnership that will further the B Square Real Estate vision of excellent service while it provides you with the incomparable across-the-board support to service more customers than you ever dreamed possible. I personally appreciate your interest and I look forward to the possibility of welcoming you to the B Square Real Estate Family.


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At B Square Real Estate you are given the tools to run your office at the highest level. We offer the B Square International Training Program in which will give every agent new or seasoned a minimum of one closing per month. Our Mentorship program is second to none, we offer a detailed mentorship program in which agents teach, advise, and have assess to tools and systems to make their real estate careers a success.  Once a mentoree graduated from our B Square Real Estate mentorship program that individual has an opportunity to become a mentor themselves therefore always on a learning curve. 


Our Bonus Fund is a bonus drawing you are automatically entered for every closing you have, at no cost to you. There is no retirement in Real Estate.   Our Retirement is build for the individual agent not build on hoping other agents close transactions.  B Square Real Estate Retirement Program contributes to an IRA or 401K, or any other retirement plan of your choice.  Our revenue sharing program is a reward to being part of the fastest growing and best company around B Square has a Revenue Sharing program allows you to get paid every time an agent you bring into B Square closes a deal. B Square makes Real Estate enjoyable and fun for our agents, we are an office our agents actually like to come to.  If you want to do anything that will benefit you, B Square Real Estate will support you 110%.


ADVERTISING TOOLS            Back to Top

Below are a sampling of B Square Real Estate's high impact sales and advertising tools. We are committed to evaluating and updating them regularly in order to provide the most relevant and helpful materials possible:

  • The B Square Real Estate Buying/Selling Guidebook
  • Direct Mail
  • Getting to Know You packet
  • Price Trend Analysis
  • Print Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • TV Advertising
  • Buyer Consultation Brochure

We believe real estate has to be practiced on the neighborhood level. That’s why we focus our marketing on generating business locally. It begins with the revolutionary B Square Real Estate listing presentation – widely recognized as the best and most comprehensive in the industry.

Since we know that 74% of our open house attendees will purchase a home within 6 months, we created a systematic B Square Open House program that gets terrific results.

Unlimited local press releases will begin with a strong spotlight on your joining us. And consistent, turn-key TV, radio, billboard and print advertising will work together with attention-grabbing mailings to generate a “buzz” that makes customers sit up and take notice. Add in a consistent farming system for our agents, and our local neighborhood marketing techniques can turn any B Square Real Estate Office into a success

Our in-house marketing specialists can customize for your individual use.

  • Marketing fund is split 50/50 national and local marketing campaigns
  • B Square Open House Open House System –our single best marketing tactic
  • B Square Open House Listing Presentation
  • B Square Open House  iMail direct mail program
  • Marketing Resource Center for in-office customization
  • Personal marketing program for your agents
  • Professionally produced billboards, radio, and TV ads
  • Internet lead generation
  • Diversity marketing materials
  • Marketing coordination
  • Public relations support


OFFICE ASSISTANCE            Back to Top

Once you become one of our affiliates, you’ll have ready access to the support of B Square International. These are industry professionals who have sold real estate, managed offices, and have the experience to help guide you in taking your business to the next level. They’ll ease your transition by seeing to it that you get all the information, advice and direction you need. After that, you’ll be able to participate in our ongoing broker council meetings, sales rallies and management retreats, and our Weekly conference calls.  Our consultants and trainers work very closely with our affiliates on all facets of business planning, staffing, budgeting and career development.

  • Business Planning
  • Custom transition plan
  • Key performance indicators
  • Compensation plan consulting
  • Staffing
  • Wall-to-wall leads management
  • Transaction coordination
  • Lead capture and lead management
  • Sales rallies and awards
  • Broker council meetings
  • B Square International Conventions
  • Managers retreat
  • Lead generation sources:
    • Broker to Broker
    • B Square International Relocation Resources
    • B Square International Lead Network
    • B Square International Referral Associates


INTERNET SERVICES            Back to Top

With a majority of all potential buyers starting their home search online, a system to handle this increasingly important source of leads has become crucial. By affiliating with B Square International you can “plug into” a multimillion-dollar investment in the most complete Internet marketing and lead generation platform in the industry. 

Because today’s more sophisticated consumers want information in minutes rather than hours, we built a state-of-the-art contact center. Its highly-trained staff qualifies Internet leads and instantly “warm transfers” the customer to a “live,” local sale associate … in real time! There’s simply nothing like the  B Square International  Lead Network for keeping online buyers from getting lost in the shuffle. Our Internet commitment generates leads from search engines, popular local websites, and strategic partnerships with other lead generation companies.

Our own website, and  one of the most viewed real estate sites in the world, with visit duration numbers higher than most other national brands. Add to this system our innovative new lead incubation module and you truly have the industry’s most advanced use of technology to deliver prompt and efficient personal service to homebuyers and sellers.

  • B Square home web page
  • Link to Local web page
  • Associates link and bio page
  • Search term marketing with Google and Yahoo keywords
  • B Square Lead Network – unique lead management system
  • Contact Center open 7 days a week
  • Lead incubation program




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